Keno is one of the most comfortable games to play in an online casino or in an offline casino. This is a lottery based game in which, players guess the numbers that are drawn and they are paid based on the count of the numbers that they guess correctly. If you have never played this game before, the rules are very easy for a beginner to learn.

A Keno card is used to play the game ‘Keno. This card has numbers numbered from 1 to 80 in 8 rows of 10 numbers each. Players mark off the numbers anywhere between 1 and 20 numbers. Few casinos may limit the numbers to be selected to 1 through 10 numbers and 1 through 15 numbers. The numbers the players choose are the numbers that they are betting on and the players get paid if the selected numbers are drawn. Once the player chooses the numbers, the numbers are locked. Once all the players are done marking their card, the caller starts calling the numbers. In almost all the casinos, the Keno numbers are numbered on balls that are placed in a keno bubble machine and are picked up at random. Keno game can even be played on online and this is more fun. When the same game is played online, the numbers are drawn with the help of a RNG (Random Number Generator).

Once all the numbers are drawn, they check the submitted keno cards and the winners are determined. The winners are paid based on the pay table at the casino.

If you never played the Keno before and if you are excited, you can just start off playing a free flash Keno game. When you play Keno game online, you just mark the numbers you want to bet on and when you are ready to play, click on the ‘play’ button. 20 numbers are drawn by the Random Number Generator and you will be offered winnings.

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