Top 5 Casino Games

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Playing at the casino can be both fun and profitable. The games that are available in the casinos are normally known as casino games. In the games of the casino, the punters gamble casino chips on the various possible outcomes that are random or the combinations of outcomes. The casino games are also available on online casinos listed at These games can also be played outside the casinos for entertainment like in school competitions, parties etc.


This game is a family of gambling card games and is often considered as a game of skill. All the variations of poker have betting as an intrinsic part of the game. They determine the winner of each hand as per the combinations of the cards of the players. The poker games vary in the number of shared or community cards, the number of cards dealt, the betting procedures and the number of cards that remain hidden. In most of the poker games the 1st round of betting starts with 1 or more players making some form of a forced bet. In the case of standard poker, each player bets according to the rank that they believe their hand is worth in comparison to the other players’. The action proceeds clockwise as each player must either call or match the maximum previous fold or bet losing the bet amount so far and all the further interest in the hand.


Game objective

This game is played against the casino so the objective here is to have a total hand value which exceeds the total hand value of the dealer without ever going over a total point value of 21. A 52 cards deck (a traditional one) is used and there is a point value attached to each card. Aces count as one or eleven, Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) count as 10 and the rest of the cards retain the value that is printed on them.

How to play

The dealer deals with each player with 2 cards facing up. The dealer also gets 2 cards however only one is facing up and the other one is facing down. The players are allowed to draw more cards to the total hand value of 21. If a player draws a card which takes his total hand value above 21 then they bust out of the game.


This is one of the most popular games one can find at a casino. It is hard to find a casino without Roulette variations. This game is played with a small ball and a wheel. The wheel is divided into 37 sections each having a different color and number. The Roulette wheel is spun and set into motion and then the ball is dropped into the wheel. You have to predict where ball will land. This is the aim of the game. The payout depends on your bet. Your payout will be higher if it is hard to predict the outcome. For eg: if you bet on a single number your chances of winning are less as compared to the chances of winning if you bet on a black. This game can be very easy or very tough as you want it to be. You can either use betting systems to increase your chance or pick your favourite numbers. It all boils down to how seriously you perceive the game.


5 reel slots comprise the majority of the online slots. There are different themes and types of these famous video slots. There are games with off screen bonus opportunities and there are games with on screen bonus options that include multipliers and free spins.

Playing slots

You can learn how slots are played in a matter of minutes. All of the slot machines are based on the same principle – inserting the coins, spinning the reels and then you check your payout schedule whether the combination is a lose or win, they will  emit a flash and make a sound if you hit a winning combination.

Once you have understood, the next step for you is to read the payout schedule to see the winning combinations which you will aim to trigger and this also includes the jackpot. The payout schedule is displayed on the top of all slot machines and it is mandatory to read them before you commence playing the game. This is because it shows the top jackpot the slot offers and to include the winning symbols which trigger the jackpots and the bonus features.  

Random Number Generator – this is the computer that is embedded in all slot machines. And it is responsible for the outcome. This RNG is programmed with a payout rate between 75 percent to 95 percent.


This is a game of chance that involves a simple gameplay and requires very little skill on behalf of the player. Normally there are fourteen seats at the table (numbered 1 to 15), where number 13 is not counted to avoid bad luck. For each table there are three dealers – 2 of whom deal only with payouts. And the 3rd is known as the caller or croupier who stand in the middle making the calls on each hand as and when they are dealt. This game is normally played with either 8 packs or 6 packs of cards. The name Baccarat was derived from the Italian word Baccara that means zero – that refers to the zero value given to all of the tens and face cards. Cards ace to nine retain their value however pictures and tens have no value.

If 2 cards have a combined value of more that ten, then ten must be subtracted leaving the total as the card value.

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