Video Poker


Video poker is developed in mid 1970’s; it has been appearing more often in both the online and offline casinos. It is the game that suits those who are looking out for a challenge.

Today, there are 100 varieties of video poker that can be played online. All of these are based on 5 card draw game. There are no multi-player video poker games; the game just has a machine and a single player. In this game of video poker, the dealer machine deals 5 cards to the player, just as a normal dealer would deal. The cards dealt are determined by RNG that produces one of 2, 598, 960 hands that are possible from 52 decks of cards. This number increases when wild cards are being used.

The player from his first hand chooses which he wishes to swap and which he wishes to keep. He will choose this by pressing a hold button on the screen. Once he chooses to swap, he should hit the deal button in order to replace the thrown cards. The cards will be dealt to replace the thrown cards and the consequential hand will be recognised and the payout will be made. Video poker mainly focuses on the skills and how it is played.

Video poker is one of the most popular fun casino games because it’s simple to understand the rules and also due to its incomparable payout percentages. There are few machines that pay out 100%. All the machines have a pay table with it. It means that the player can easily refer the chances of a hand; would be very useful for the beginners.

The pay table is not same for all the machines. It varies from one machine to the other. This is how the casino earns money and it is important to check the pay table before you start playing the video poker. There are many variants of poker and all the variants of the game effects the chances and the outcomes drastically.

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